Course Overview

This course will cover the principles of business continuity and organizational resilience and their  importance within the enterprise risk management framework. Organizational resilience is the ability of  an organization to adapt to change, understand its vulnerabilities and anticipate future threats and  opportunities, while business continuity focuses on recovery from disruptions. This course will provide  worked through examples and real life case studies of organizations responding to changing business  conditions. At a time when organizations across the world are turning to their business continuity  plans, it has never been more vital to ensure their effectiveness and invest in organizational resilience  for the future.

This course will be split into four 90 minute modules with a mix of theory, practical examples  and activities;

MODULE 1: Overview,  Principles and  Examples

  • Overview of organizational  resilience and business  continuity
  • Benefits of robust  organizational resilience.
  • Discuss real life case  studies, including the  Covid-19 pandemic.

MODULE 2: Evolution and  Capability

  • The origins of business  continuity and frequently  asked questions
  • The evolution of  organizational resilience.
  • Building capability and  maturity across an  organization
  • Integrating business  continuity with Enterprise  Rise Management (ERM).

MODULE 3: Structure and  Lifecycle

  • Understand the high level  structure for business  continuity: context,  leadership, planning,  support and operations.
  • Communication strategies  to support business  continuity
  • Understand the key  elements of an effective  business continuity plan

MODULE 4: Business Impact  Risk Assessment

  • Explore a Business  Impact Risk Analysis  (BIRA)
  • The role of recording and  reporting in business  continuity management
  • Learn how to plan and
  • execute a successful risk  scenario exercise.

Who this course is for?

This is a broad based approach to business continuity  and organizational resilience to provide a baseline  knowledge across your organization from board level  to middle management.

Duration and format

This is a one day course including;

  • Six hours of recorded training material, split into
  • four 1.5 hour modules
  • Trainee handbook and activity book
  • Four practical activities at the end of each module
  • An end of course assessment.

Learning Outcomes

This course will help you to:

  • Understand the role of organizational resilience in  enabling effective response and adaption to change.
  • Review the key elements of an effective
  • business continuity plan as well as management and  communication strategies.
  • Apply organizational resilience processes to your  organization to improve decision making, react to  threats and anticipate opportunities.
  • Explore real life case studies and examples of  organizational resilience and business continuity planning and execution.