RISKS memberships will allow you get ahead with risk and resilience profession and help you to stay  there.  Our memberships segments allow both experienced risk professionals as well as those who are new to risk management to share one umbrella.     

Join RISKS and we will guarantee you get the benefit of special discounts on our educational and training programs and seminars, complimentary attendance for some seminars and RISKS events, panel discussions, which will expand your professional networking and professional development opportunities. You’ll also enjoy free access to a wide range of magazines, articles, guidelines, industry reports and other tools and resources to develop your risk and resilience skills to keep you up to date with risk developments of local and international industry.   

Fellow  Membership (1000 SR annually)  

Fellow is the highest level of RISKS membership, and is being awarded to people who have made a significant contribution to the understanding and development of risk management and resilience, and have made an outstanding contribution to the wider local and global community through their risk and resilience activities.

Affiliate Membership (350 SR annually)

Affiliate is available to public people who wishes to join the RISKS and enhance their knowledge and experience, but is not necessary associated directly with the profession of risk management and resilience or RISKS activities. This could include journalists, publishers, event managers, designers, and support services etc.  

Certified Membership (250 SR annually)

Certified membership is the professional level that is available for all practitioners, academics staff and policy makers associated with in any kind of risk management and resilience activity, business continuity, crisis and disaster management, disaster recovery, emergency response, or any other related sector.  

Students Membership (100 SR annually)

Application for student membership is available for currently enrolled students in any University-level academic programs, including undergraduate and post-graduate level.  The membership is open for all degree titles or areas of specializations.