RISKS is proud to offer accredited programs only.   We understand that the field of risk and resilience is one of the areas that lake unified framework for accreditation of knowledge and expertise in the risk profession.  All of our delegates receive a certificate stamped and accredited by local and international risk agencies, including IRM the first international agency to provide international accreditation for Risk Management.     

Accreditation of our programs was deigned to brings the value of your employees’ knowledge and skills as it helps to validate their qualifications and assure that their learning and training meets the high standards associated with the standards of international risk accreditation agencies. We also can work with Saudi organizations to formally accredit their in-house training programs.  The programs of RISKS are accredited and/or recognized by:  

  • Saudi government Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), KSA
  • The Institute of Risk Management (IRM), UK.  
  • UK government Office of Qualifications (Ofqual).  
  • Register of Chartered Security Professionals (CSyP)