Our Story

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable economic growth during the last ten years, especially following the announcement of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020 by HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Nevertheless, this economic growth and prosperity is expected to create significant challenges for decision makers and executive authorities due to unpredictable risks and events that could impede the government and organizations from fulfilling their aspirations, strategic and the desired development goals.  

Based on the economic growth, expansion in the Saudi market and new regulatory requirements, it’s imperative for both government and private organizations to develop risk management programs and establish risk management departments. Consequently, this will create huge demand for highly qualified professionals in the field of risk management, insurance, crisis management and resilience to meet the needs of various sectors in the Saudi labor market. The competitive job market in the kingdom includes various fields e.g. government, military, oil production and distribution, petrochemicals, banks and finance, commodities, retail trade, communications, construction, catering, healthcare, tourism, and others  

The Institute of Risk & Resilience (RISKS) emerged in compliance with the Saudi Vision 2030, to meet the market demand and enhance the development of knowledge and skills for managing risks, disasters and crises in the Saudi community in accordance to the international standards.   

RISKS seeks to accomplish this objective through provision of a wide range of business solutions, consultancy, educational and training programs, professional certifications and recognitions, and research & development.  

This pool of services would allow RISKS to meet the demands and requirements of both government and private sectors for managing their risks, as well as enabling their employees to acquire and implement best practices to effectively manage the emergence of risks, disasters and crises and assure resiliency  

Our Values

The Institute performs its duties in light of a set of values ​​that reveal the essence of its identity and reflect the decisions and practices adopted. Our values ​​are:  

  • Excellence  
  • Leadership  
  • Professionalism  
  • Development  
  • Social Responsibility  

Our Vision

To achieve excellence locally and regionally in the field of risk, crisis and disaster management and resilience. 

Our Mission

Promotion and implementation of best international standards and techniques used for managing risks, crises   disasters   and resilience in order to support the realization of Saudi National Strategy and enhancement of implementation, sustainability and governance. 

RISKS Objectives

RISKS seeks to accomplish the following objectives:  

  • Enriching the culture of risk and crisis management in the Saudi society   
  • Meeting the demands of Saudi market for business solutions in the field of risks, crises and resilience.  
  • Providing educational and training programs and professional certificates in accordance with international standards in the field risk and crisis management  
  • Qualifying national cadres and training current employees of both government and private sectors to be capable for working in risk and crisis management departments and units  
  • Contributing to the development of the legal, administrative and regulatory framework in government and private institutions to reinforce the success of risk management implementation and crisis management systems  
  • Providing a unified risk industry umbrella for experts and professional specialized in the field of risks, disasters and crises