Credit risk is traditionally defined as the risk that an obligor will not be able to honour its (often long dated) obligations, and has mostly been applied to the fixed income world and more specifically to bank lending. It is binary in nature on a single asset that either defaults or does not default, and the consideration of portfolio effects is always crucial for risk analysis. More recently, the nature of what is being considered credit risk has changed; nowadays deterioration in credit quality short of a default is often considered part of credit risk, and derivative counterparty risk has become much more important. The particularity of the latter is that it operates on a time-varying notional (e.g. consider an interest rate swap or an FX forward where one counterparty owes the other one money, depending on market movements) and is highly dependent on correlations. Successful candidates will be better prepared to implement meaningful risk assessment initiatives, produce useful risk management information and understand the key modelling techniques for credit risk measurement.

Who should attend

The CCRM is relevant to all risk-related roles in financial services, in particular Credit Risk Staff, Financial Controllers, Operations and Technology Managers, and Compliance and Legal Officers.


Successful graduates will be awarded the title of Credit and Counterparty Risk Manager (CCRM) which can be used after their names as an internationally and locally recognized proof for their competent and professional skills.

Entry Requirements

Designed by industry leaders, Credit and Counterparty Risk Manager (CCRM) is intended for individuals with at least two years of experience in the financial or risk management profession.

The certificate qualifications are delivered and assessed in English. If English is not your first language, we recommend you have an Academic IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent evidence of competence in the English language before beginning your studies. Regular recertification requires an ongoing commitment to continuing education and industry activities.


Blended learning

Our Self-directed distance learning and interactive packages give you the flexibility to study at home at your own pace. Our extensive global network of examination centres and our special centre policy means you can study and take your examinations anywhere in the world. Our blended learning strategy also include face-to-face life sessions for a more interactive learning experience comprising lecture, discussion groups and seminars. These student-centred workshops will reinforce your understanding of the material and help you develop the practical skills needed to put your learning into practice.


Through our in-house learning, we work with organizations to develop and deliver bespoke training modules to meet all of their objectives. We develop the modules and reference materials which can be delivered on a rolling basis or as a unique event, depending on your organizations’ requirements.

Exam Information 

Examinations are online and computer-based that will be administrated in one of the locations of our exam centres. Module content will be assessed through the use of the learning outcomes.


Professional Certificates have a fixed fee for individual participants, group participants, and professional. The tuition fees for this program is 6,500 Saudi Riyals 

Group enrolments

Discounted rates are available for groups of 10 or more employees enrolling for the same session from the same organisation. For further details please contact our team. 

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